UK truths

Here are a few uncomfortable truths about sea level rise and flooding in the UK.

1 in 6
properties are located in significant flood risk areas
1.4 million
people are living in flood risk areas
you’re more likely to get flooded than burgled in the UK?
£5.2 billion
in flood and coastal defence spending in the next 6 years
Over 7,000
properties are at risk of being destroyed by the sea
2 years
is how long the mental health impacts of flooding can be prevalent
is how much the UK economy spends per hour per major road affected by flooding
of businesses do not reopen after suffering from the effects of flooding

The truth, by region

Within the next 20 years UK residents will start to loose their homes and it's going to cost taxpayers enormous amounts of money to help these people.

Scotland, Wielka Brytania


Erosion of the coastline in Scotland had doubled in speed over the previous 40 years.

By 2050, the cost of damage caused by rising sea levels could be £400 million, with infrastructure including roads and railways at risk of flooding.

Wales, Fairbourne


Fairbourne, a much-loved village of 461 properties, will become the first community in the UK to be decommissioned as a result of the climate emergency.

In less than 26 years 850 residents will become the UK's first climate refugees and are not expected to receive any compensation for the loss of their homes.

Truths taken from The Rainbow International Restoration

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