The sea is rising. And so are we.

We’re drowning in promises and the truth isn’t being told. From 7-10 June coastal towns in the UK will unite to demand the government take action.

Find out why

We want the UK government to:

  1. Tell the truth – we deserve a chance to prepare for the effects of sea level rise and flooding.
  2. Immediately stop any public funding for fossil fuels and develop initiatives to drastically cut emissions.
  3. Stop thinking that the only answer is to spend public money on higher and higher sea defences.

The truth on UK sea level rise

Find out why many people will find their homes in flooding hotspots within the coming decades.

Find the action near you

Starting in Scotland, ending in Cornwall. Find your nearest town, or sign up and begin the campaign for your community.

Get a grip on the science

Rising temperatures, heat absorption, melting ice caps, find out the factors that are causing sea level rise to accelerate across the world.

No island is alone in this

Here are some of our partners worldwide and their stories.

The Islands are calling

A courageous group of Pacific Islands Students Fighting Climate Change. Their mission is to persuade the leaders of the Pacific Island Forum to take the issue of climate change and human rights to the International Court of Justice.

View their website

Pak Jokowi, Declare Climate Emergency Immediately!

Indonesia is on the front line of the sea level rise and it's for this reason that Pak Jokowi are urging President Joko Widodo to declare a climate emergency in Indonesia.

Read their petition

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